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  • Previously the idea of removing a troubled student and placing them in a specialized school was thought to be far fetched and prohibitively expensive. Now, with traditional schools unable to cope with these students more than ever, the concept of therapeutic boarding school is being used more often, enabling teenagers

  • Purple Drank is believed by many to be safe as it simply contains cough syrup. However, that belief shows users’ lack of knowledge to the ingredients of cough syrup. Codeine is a very dangerous drug on its own and when consumed casually in Purple Drank, it a very deadly substance.

  • CBT is known as a “talking” therapy and is focused on the psychological principles of behaviorism[1]. It looks at how an individual’s behaviors can be changed and the way in which they think and feel about society around them. Through a better understanding of cognition and behavior, an individual can

  • Experts consider narcissistic projection as a primitive defensive strategy. The use of it distorts reality and ignores the facts of the situation. This allows a person to function and feeds their ego despite the reality of the situation not aligning with the false narrative.

  • In a Codependent Relationship, the individual in control creates an environment in which their partner revolves their life around them. Sound familiar?

  • Alcohol and depression go hand and hand. When a person feels down, they tend to drink more alcohol to improve the way in which they feel. The relief a person feels is often temporary or false. Once the individual sobers up, they feel depressed, low, and guilty for their actions.

  • A person with cryptocurrency addiction compulsively trades digital currencies online. Compulsive activities related to cryptocurrencies such as repeatedly checking the rise and fall of values and reading up on every tiny tidbit of digital currency news is also a part of the addiction.

  • Along with a team of expert medical professionals, the Kusnacht Rehab offers an acupuncturist, a nutritionist, two butlers, and two fitness coaches trained in personal fitness and yoga. Former clients to the Kusnacht Rehab include royal family members and celebrities from around the globe.

  • Various types of therapeutic approaches have proven useful in alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation programs, but music therapy0 is one that many clients may not fully understand. After all, the words ‘music therapy’ do tend to conjure images more akin to the New Age tribes than robust and effective treatment.

  • It isn’t just anxiety in which psychedelic drugs have shown promise. Other mental disorders including depression, PTSD, addiction, and more can potentially be helped and/or treated. According to researchers, psychedelic drugs have “immense” potential to treat patients.

  • Adrenaline addiction can lead to compulsive participation in dangerous activities such as extreme sports yet there are other, less well documented manifestations of adrenaline addiction such as certain regiments of the armed forces, war correspondents, emergency response units and first responders.

  • Ibogaine treatment has shown positive results in healing individuals from their opiate addictions. But it isn’t just opiate addiction that Ibogaine treatment has helped. Its ability to treat patients suffering from a variety of drug dependency issues makes it an exciting prospect to end most drug addictions. The key to

  • The stages of alcoholism don’t just affect an individual’s mental and physical health. Alcoholism can lead to the breakup of families, friendships, loss of jobs, humiliation, bankruptcy, incarceration, asylums and death.

  • Childhood neglect can result in a cycle in which a person that experienced it as a child becomes a parent that neglects their own children emotionally. A person that suffered from emotional neglect as a child may not understand how to nurture their own child emotionally.

  • Every once in a while the user receives some sort of unpredictable reward. This may take the form of a message, a like, a notification, or anything else which is pleasurable to receive, triggering the dopamine controlling the pleasure centers in the brain.

  • Family systems therapy is a holistic approach designed to heal individuals and families. One of the main benefits of family systems therapy is getting members of a family of origin to sift through their problems.

  • Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome takes place when an individual suffers brain damage due to heavy and repeated exposure to alcohol. Also known as wet brain, the problem occurs due to a deficiency of vitamin B1 (thiamine). The wet brain stem does not receive enough vitamin B1 resulting in brain function loss.

  • Generally, anime addiction is suffered by teenagers ranging from 13-years-old to 18-years-old. It is believed that anime addiction affects this age range due to teenagers now having more freedoms. Many are discovering the world, preparing for university, dealing with the stresses of high school, and possibly working after-school jobs.

  • The Vagus nerve is the longest and most complicated cranial nerve in the body. It is complex in its work and runs from the brain down through the face down the throat and into the abdomen. Its length and complexity make it important to the well-being of all individuals.

  • Eating disorders are common among individuals. It is assumed by many people that eating disorders are for people seeking to become thin. The images of super models and celebrities come to mind when considering anorexia or bulimia, but eating disorders are experienced by individuals of all backgrounds and lifestyles, and

  • Borderline Personality Disorder, also known as BPD, is a mental illness that is often misunderstood by individuals. It is a disorder that is extremely complicated and disparaged by non-sufferers. BPD is very similar to addiction in the way that others interpret and treat individuals suffering from it. Unfortunately, individuals often

  • Ketamine is a drug that has received thousands of negative headlines. It has been used and abused by millions of people and contributed to deaths of individuals who have overdosed. Ketamine sedates the individual that takes it, or it is administered to, and can cause significant memory loss. Due to

  • English top-flight football was awash with heavy drinkers at one time. The likes of George Best, Tony Adams, and Paul Gascoigne were renowned for their alcohol drinking exploits. For some players like Best, it was difficult to understand when they had the time to actually play football rather than drink.

  • Whether dealing with drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or another issue, euphoric recall can potentially be one of the biggest problems faced by individuals confronting and overcoming such addictions. That’s because euphoric recall is a way of making individuals think positively about past addictive usage, without remembering any of the negative

  • Exercising can be a great way to boost both your physical and mental health, whether it’s taking a jog around the neighbourhood, going for a swim, or lifting weights in the gym. But even though the benefits of exercise are well known, there is a problem known as exercise addiction

  • The 1980s saw the rise of home videogame systems thanks to the Nintendo Entertainment System. No longer did kids have to go to the arcade and pour quarters into a videogame or pinball machine. Now, kids could sit in their bedrooms and play all day long. By the 1990s, gaming and

  • Each year, millions of people pledge that they will eat healthier and exercise. Many individuals are able to change their lives and improve their health and well-being thanks to altering their diet. Healthy foods can improve your body and mind, and give you a greater outlook on life. Yet, healthy

  • An individual who has experienced a traumatic event, whether that experience is visible or not, can find medical and psychological offices to be frightening places. A traumatic reaction can be a normal way for a person to respond to an unusual situation. Therefore, it can be difficult to get an

  • Contrary to popular belief, teenagers do not have it easy in this day and age. The average teenager goes through various changes that adults previously went through and, oftentimes, parents do not understand. One change that teenagers experience is an alteration of their biological sleep patterns which can throw off

  • Living in a narcissistic relationship has been described by survivors as living 'an actual waking nightmare' where they were initially unaware of the abuse being crafted, plotted and planned against them. Even well into narcissistic abuse recovery many victims report feelings of hopelessness as they are increasingly confronted by the

  • The Satori Chair is one of the most unique relaxation and rehabilitation products available to individuals suffering from addiction, depression, obesity, anxiety, and insomnia. The chair allows users to experience an incredibly deep meditation state completely relaxing the mind and body. Some meditation experts have claimed the Satori Chair is

  • Whilst relatively new in terms of addiction treatment, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy has been used to treat individuals suffering from trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for a number of years. Experts of EMDR believe it lessens the effects of PTSD and allows individuals to live a

  • When people are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or other trauma, it can be confusing and overwhelming to decide which type of recovery is the most suitable. Oftentimes the most effective approach will be a range of individualized therapies delivered in harmony, although in an outpatient setting this is not

  • Addiction is a disease that affects an individual’s life in multiple ways. Addiction can tear apart families and destroy careers causing sufferers to spiral out of control turning to drugs and alcohol even more. Physis Recovery is familiar with the pain addiction causes and offers clients the chance to enter

  • Art therapy for addiction treatment involves the use of creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collages, coloring or shaping to help people express themselves artistically and to examine the psychological and emotional undertones in their art. Under the guidance of a recognized art therapist, clients can "decipher" the non-verbal messages,

  • The Worlds Best Rehabs use a combination of various therapeutic approaches to help clients gain and strengthen their sobriety. One approach that has proven effective is psychoeducation for addiction treatment. Psychoeducation provides information, awareness and support, and is used together with other group-based and individual therapies such as cognitive behavior

  • Global competition is fierce for the coveted crown of Worlds Best Rehab Clinic and clients are faced with an ever-growing list of exclusive, luxury rehabs from which to choose. Given the life changing process of rehabilitation there’s an extra pressure to ‘get it right’ and find the best therapists and

  • Equine therapy (also known as horse therapy, equine-assisted therapy and equine-assisted psychotherapy) is a form of experimental therapy that involves interactions between patients and horses. It is a rapidly growing treatment method globally, but does it actually work or is it yet another rehab scam with no benefits.

  • Biochemical Restoration has become a buzzword in Rehab treatment and we've had many inquiries from people confused about what biochemical restoration actually is, and how it works on the body. Addictions, eating disorders, and other emotional difficulties are hard things to live with, and many people want to change their lives

  • Dual diagnosis (also known as simultaneous or co-occurring disorders) is a term when a mental illness and a substance use disorder occur simultaneously. However any disorder - substance use or mental illness - can develop first. Mental Health complexities such as depression may lead to substance abuse and conversely substance

  • Entrepreneur burnout is the embodiment of acute and seemingly unresolveable work related stress. According to the Harvard Business Review, about 50% of people suffer from burn out. Entrepreneur burnout syndrome is real and in severe cases, can be life-threatening.