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  • What is Biochemical Restoration Biochemical Restoration has become a buzzword in Rehab treatment and we've had many inquiries from people confused about what biochemical restoration actually is, and how it works on the body. Addictions, eating disorders, and other emotional difficulties are hard things to live with, and many people want to

  • What is entrepreneur burnout? Entrepreneur burnout is the embodiment of acute and seemingly unresolveable work related stress. According to the Harvard Business Review, about 50% of people suffer from burn out. Entrepreneur burnout syndrome is real and in severe cases, can be life-threatening. In fact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises burnout

  • What is Substance Abuse Psychoeducation The Worlds Best Rehabs use a combination of various therapeutic approaches to help clients gain and strengthen their sobriety. One approach that has proven effective is psychoeducation for addiction treatment. Psychoeducation provides information, awareness and support, and is used together with other group-based and individual therapies

  • What is Dual Diagnosis Dual diagnosis (also known as simultaneous or co-occurring disorders) is a term when a mental illness and a substance use disorder occur simultaneously. However any disorder - substance use or mental illness - can develop first. Mental Health complexities such as depression may lead to substance abuse

  • Equine Therapy Equine therapy (also known as horse therapy, equine-assisted therapy and equine-assisted psychotherapy) is a form of experimental therapy that involves interactions between patients and horses. It is a rapidly growing treatment method globally, but does it actually work or is it yet another rehab scam with no benefits. What is

  • What is Music Therapy Various types of therapeutic approaches have proven useful in alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation programs, but music therapy0 is one that many clients may not fully understand. After all, the words ‘music therapy’ do tend to conjure images more akin to the New Age tribes than robust

  • What it Takes to Be the Worlds Best Rehab Clinic Global competition is fierce for the coveted crown of Worlds Best Rehab Clinic and clients are faced with an ever-growing list of exclusive, luxury rehabs from which to choose. Given the life changing process of rehabilitation there’s an extra pressure to