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Tabula Rasa Retreat specializes in Ibogaine Treatment and is located in a humble country farmhouse in the rural area of Portugal. Situated two hours from the capital of Lisbon, the area around the rehab center is certainly out of the

Purple Drank is believed by many to be safe as it simply contains cough syrup. However, that belief shows users’ lack of knowledge to the ingredients of cough syrup. Codeine is a very dangerous drug on its own and when

CBT is known as a “talking” therapy and is focused on the psychological principles of behaviorism[1]. It looks at how an individual’s behaviors can be changed and the way in which they think and feel about society around them. Through

Along with a team of expert medical professionals, the Kusnacht Rehab offers an acupuncturist, a nutritionist, two butlers, and two fitness coaches trained in personal fitness and yoga. Former clients to the Kusnacht Rehab include royal family members and celebrities

Various types of therapeutic approaches have proven useful in alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation programs, but music therapy0 is one that many clients may not fully understand. After all, the words ‘music therapy’ do tend to conjure images more akin